Honda 250 EX

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Honda 250 EX

The 250ex is one machine both experienced and new riders shower with equal praise, and that’s no small part due to one special feature: the Honda SportClutch, stall-proof clutch that makes riding this ATV a win-win experience for everyone. Novices can learn to shift manually, without ever worrying about stalling, while seasoned pilots get all the performance a conventional clutch has to offer. It also has an electric start and reverse.

There’s nothing cheesy or cheap with this semi-automatic machine and is impressive the combination of good handling and a perky engine. The new 250ex adds a new dimension to entry-level machines. Like we said, it’s a win-win; better yet, make that grin-grin.

Arnie’s is a strong proponent for rider safety; we encourage you to practice riding safely and recommend that all riders take a safety training course.

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