Kawasaki 90

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Kawasaki 90

Parents appreciate quality products that are designed to fit the needs of their growing youth. The wide stance, large tires, and full floorboards allow the 90 to offer stable and confidence-inspiring handling traits. Its friendly performance and big-bike styling make this ATV a smart choice for young riders.

This little 90 is not only environmentally friendly (four stroke engine) it is also equipped with electric starting and many of the options that are found on the larger models.

Parents can maintain control over the 90’s use via the throttle limiting screw and a transmission speed limiter. These allow the maximum speed to be preset to match the rider’s ability while letting the rider’s confidence and skill levels increase in controlled increments.

Beginning riders of any age should receive quality safety instruction before they start riding and of course remember direct supervision is required at all times.

The Suzuki 80 is the idea machine for beginning rider’s who want to join in on all the excitement of four-wheeling. It’s sized for smaller rider’s over 6 years of age. This bike is one real ripper, it may be a smaller compact, but it comes with all the bells and whistles of the big ones.

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