Road Rules

Pismo Dunes Speed Limit 15

Driving an OHV can be an exciting, yet dangerous, adventure. You can minimize your chance of injury and maximize your enjoyment through common sense, intelligent vehicle operation and by extending courtesy and respect to other riders.

All Roll Overs $25.00-No Exceptions!

  • No riding north of pole 2.
  • Speed limit is 15mph from back of camp sites to the water.
  • No riding in water or wet sand.  You will be charged up to $25.00.
  • Helmet is to worn at all times.
  • No riding double.
  • Don’t tow other bikes or have other bikes tow you.
  • In the case of a break down, send someone back to pole two, tell a ranger or look for the tow truck. Don’t leave a disabled vehicle alone at any time. Time lost will be credited to the disabled vehicle only.
  • No alcohol consumed before or during riding.
  • Only riders who have signed the release can operate the vehicles.
  • Anyone not following the rules, caught speeding or riding without a helmet will be escorted back to pole two and the remainder of riding rime forfeited.
  • Vehicles rented for over two hours will return to pole two for refueling every two hours.
  • Watch out for drifts and sand bowls they average from 1 foot to 80 feet!
  • Watch for other riders and vehicles.
  • Bikes are to be returned on time or additional fees will be charged.
  • No refunds for early returns.
  • No refunds if it starts to rain.
  • Ride at your own skill level. Don’t push your limit.
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