Yamaha 125 Grizzly

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Yamaha 125 Grizzly

The Grizzly is one of Yamaha’s Utility ATV’s. Grizzly’s styling provides good looks, yet offers a smooth and comfortable ride and the big seat provide maximum rider comfort while allowing for great handling.

This novice-friendly ATV has a push-button electric start, is automatic and the adjustable throttle limiter lets the adult supervisor add power gradually as the beginning rider gains experience. The handlebar-mounted parking brake and choke lever with a simple-to-operate selector knob lets you select forward, neutral or reverse effortlessly.

Beginning riders of any age should receive quality safety instruction before they start riding and of course remember direct supervision is required at all times.

Arnie’s is a strong proponent for rider safety; we encourage you to practice riding safely and recommend that all riders take a safety-training course. This ATV is suggested for riders under 130 pounds.

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